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Chapter One: Miss Teacher

Jonathan Pupil collected answers to questions. He always had a lot of questions to ask people. When people gave Jonathan answers to his questions, he methodically and meticulously placed the answers in his Answer Collection. Jonathan was known throughout Country Village for his Answer Collection. Miss Teacher was Jonathan’s favorite teacher. “Bonjour, Jonathan,” said Miss Teacher on this crisp and …

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Tristan Isabella1

Chapter Two: Tristan and Isabella

Tristan and Isabella always wanted to know if Jonathan had any new answers in his Answer Collection. “Do you have any new answers today, Jonathan?” asked Isabella inquisitively. “Yes, I do Isabella,” replied Jonathan politely, “I asked Miss Teacher: ‘Why do people need to go to school?’ and she answered: ‘People need to go to school, because they need to …

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Chapter Three: Mr. Talker and Mr. Dressmaker

Jonathan was feeling furtive and flummoxed as he walked home from school. He was bewildered and baffled with having two completely different answers to one question in his Answer Collection. Presently, he came across Mr. Talker and Mr. Dressmaker and they all greeted one other. Then, Jonathan asked Mr. Dressmaker the same question he had asked Miss Teacher and Tristan …

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Chapter Four: Mr. Baker

After visiting with Mr. Talker and Mr. Dressmaker, Jonathan walked over to the Country Village bakery to see Mr. Baker. Mr. Baker was always delighted to see Jonathan and gave Jonathan a chocolate éclair, which was Jonathan’s favorite afternoon snack. “Mr. Baker,” Jonathan questioned, “Why do you bake bread?” “I bake bread, Jonathan,” answered Mr. Baker, “Because I need to …

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Chapter Five: Mr. Printer

After visiting with Mr. Baker, Jonathan walked over to the Country Village printing press to see Mr. Printer. Mr. Printer was always delighted to see Jonathan and gave Jonathan a printed book about printing presses. “Mr. Printer,” Jonathan questioned, “Why do you print books?” “I print books,” replied Mr. Printer, “Because I need to be the most popular printer in …

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Chapter Six: Mr. Brickbuilder

After visiting with Mr. Printer, Jonathan walked over to the Country Village brick-building site to visit with Mr. Brickbuilder. Mr. Brickbuilder was always delighted to see Jonathan and gave Jonathan a specially made miniature brick, which Jonathan might use as a doorstop or a paperweight. “Mr. Brickbuilder,” Jonathan questioned, “Why do you build bricks?” “I build bricks,” replied Mr. Brickbuilder, …

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Chapter Seven: Mr. Talker, MP

Mr. Talker had arrived. It was Christmas Eve. Jonathan had been expecting Mr. Talker to visit Jonathan at his home, since Mr. Talker had telephoned and said he was driving over to see Jonathan in his motorcar. Mr. Talker had explained on the telephone that all of Country Village had now understood that it was important to be popular and …

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Chapter Eight: Father Christmas

On the evening before Christmas Day, Father Christmas always visited with Jonathan. This had been a tradition every year for as long as Jonathan could remember. However, this year would be different for Jonathan because he knew something he did not know before. He knew there was no such thing as Father Christmas. Jonathan learned this truth in the most …

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Chapter Nine: Mr. Tailor

Mr. Talker, MP, was becoming more and more popular and more and more powerful and more and more persuasive and more and more pestiferous. Today, his pestiferous and pernicious proclivity extended to Mr. Dressmaker, who was quietly stitching a yellow chartreuse dress in his dressmaking studio. Mr. Talker, MP, had asked his secretary to put up a sign in Mr. …

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Chapter Ten: Miss Sari

Since Mr. Talker, MP had proclaimed Mr. Dressmaker as the most popular dressmaker in all of Country Village, Mr. Dressmaker now traveled to Himalayan Village where he presented some of the dresses he had designed and stitched together to Miss Sari. “Miss Sari,” enthused Mr. Dressmaker, “I am the most popular dressmaker in Country Village and I would like you to consider …

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