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Scrambled Africa

Scrambled Africa on Toast

A Note From the Editor: Ken Aston, who was mentioned in the previous post, was a fair-minded and principled referee. However, there have been some awful referees in history: One of the worst referees were the Clergy in Salamanca, Spain in the 15 Century. The Portuguese merchants and traders who sailed the high seas from Lisbon to Goa to the Vice-Royalty …

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Barbet Red And Yellow Lake Manyara 3

Lucia Doty’s interview with Badgers

My name is Lucia and I am a middle school student in California and an Assistant Editor for Pencils for Africa. Here is my interview with Karim, who is the founder of Pencils for Africa and who was born in Africa. Karim Ajania is the author of The Badgers Stories which are featured on this website, The British Toast Rack. …

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Emeritus Chairman of the Bored

Creativity make us feel alive and the more creativity we practice the more alive we feel. — Jeremy Geidt, Emeritus Chairman of the Bored, The British Toast Rack Society Forwarding Note by Professor Robert Calder, Member of the Bored Dear Karim: The beauty of an almost perfect morning at the lake was muted by your news about the death of …

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Adjective Awesome

Editor’s Note The following video is narrated by G. Patrick Cox and refers to Adjective International’s grave concerns for the fate of adjective “awesome” which appears on their Endangered Adjective list. _______________________________________________________________ About a year ago I was contacted by someone here in Oxford who was responsible for arranging teaching for some young American students from a mid-Western college who were …

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Foreword by Ambassador Pierre Gramegna

Jonathan Pupil’s Answer Collection by Karim Ajania   Watercolor Story Illustrations by Véronique Chéne Foreword by Ambassador Pierre Gramegna   Is there a greater pleasure than diving into a story, letting yourself go and finding both simplicity and depth? Yes, there is! It is to read such a story to a child. Karim Ajania has taken up this task in …

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Tristan Isabella1

Chapter Two: Tristan and Isabella

Tristan and Isabella always wanted to know if Jonathan had any new answers in his Answer Collection. “Do you have any new answers today, Jonathan?” asked Isabella inquisitively. “Yes, I do Isabella,” replied Jonathan politely, “I asked Miss Teacher: ‘Why do people need to go to school?’ and she answered: ‘People need to go to school, because they need to …

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Chapter Three: Mr. Talker and Mr. Dressmaker

Jonathan was feeling furtive and flummoxed as he walked home from school. He was bewildered and baffled with having two completely different answers to one question in his Answer Collection. Presently, he came across Mr. Talker and Mr. Dressmaker and they all greeted one other. Then, Jonathan asked Mr. Dressmaker the same question he had asked Miss Teacher and Tristan …

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Chapter Four: Mr. Baker

After visiting with Mr. Talker and Mr. Dressmaker, Jonathan walked over to the Country Village bakery to see Mr. Baker. Mr. Baker was always delighted to see Jonathan and gave Jonathan a chocolate éclair, which was Jonathan’s favorite afternoon snack. “Mr. Baker,” Jonathan questioned, “Why do you bake bread?” “I bake bread, Jonathan,” answered Mr. Baker, “Because I need to …

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Chapter Five: Mr. Printer

After visiting with Mr. Baker, Jonathan walked over to the Country Village printing press to see Mr. Printer. Mr. Printer was always delighted to see Jonathan and gave Jonathan a printed book about printing presses. “Mr. Printer,” Jonathan questioned, “Why do you print books?” “I print books,” replied Mr. Printer, “Because I need to be the most popular printer in …

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Chapter Six: Mr. Brickbuilder

After visiting with Mr. Printer, Jonathan walked over to the Country Village brick-building site to visit with Mr. Brickbuilder. Mr. Brickbuilder was always delighted to see Jonathan and gave Jonathan a specially made miniature brick, which Jonathan might use as a doorstop or a paperweight. “Mr. Brickbuilder,” Jonathan questioned, “Why do you build bricks?” “I build bricks,” replied Mr. Brickbuilder, …

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