Chapter Eleven: Mr. Chopstick


Chapter Eleven: Mr. Chopstick

As the most popular baker in all of Country Village, Mr. Baker now traveled to Peking Village, which is where the peaking wall is located, above which people are always peaking.

After climbing up a ladder and taking a peak over the peaking wall where people are always peaking, Mr. Baker came over to present a bundle of baguette breads to Mr. Chopstick.

“Mister Chopstick,” enthused Mr. Baker, “I am the most popular baker in Country Village and I would like you to consider eating some of these wonderful baguette breads that I have made for you.”

“I cannot eat these baguette breads with my chopsticks,” said Mr. Chopstick, “They are too big and bulky. That is why I prefer to eat rice rather than baguette breads.”

Mr. Baker’s head drooped in disappointment.

He had not understood that people in Peking Village prefer to eat rice rather than bread.

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