Chapter Fifteen: Jonathan Learns about Enkai


Chapter Fifteen: Jonathan Learns about Enkai

There are four gentle knocks from four gentlemen on the front door of Jonathan’s home. Jonathan’s dad opens the front door and lets in the four gentlemen and then ushers them into the living room where Jonathan stands by the fire with his back to the Christmas tree that he has just helped to decorate with his parents.

“Mr. Talker had the wrong answer!” exclaimed Mr. Dressmaker.

“Miss Teacher had the right answer!” exclaimed Mr. Baker.

“We should have listened to Miss Teacher’s answer all along!” exclaimed Mr. Brickbuilder.

“We should never have listened to Mr. Talker!” exclaimed Mr. Printer.

Then, Miss Teacher and Jonathan’s dad made the four gentlemen each a cup of warm cocoa and they and Jonathan’s family sat by the fireplace and quietly sipped their cocoa and then Mr. Printer spoke.

“I have a story to tell all of you,” began Mr. Printer, “It is the story I heard by the campfire in Masai Village that Mr. Storyteller told. It is a story called ‘The Wise Young Masai Boy’.”

Mr. Printer then told the story of how this young Masai boy was an inspiration to the elders of the tribe and how even the elders sought his counsel.

“It seems,” began Jonathan’s dad, “that this young Masai boy had learned to be very patient.”

“And it seems,” began Miss Teacher, “that this young Masai boy was wise beyond his years.”

“I have an answer for your Answer Collection, Jonathan,” said Mr. Printer proudly, “It comes all the way from Masai Village and was told to me by a young boy your age by the name of Enkai.”

Mr. Printer then told Jonathan about his conversations with Enkai by the campfire in Masai Village and he explained to Jonathan that he had an answer for his Answer Collection but that Jonathan first needed to ask the question so he may then receive the answer.

Miss Teacher smiled on as Jonathan asked Mr. Printer his question.

“Mr. Printer,” began Jonathan,”How did the Masai tribe first receive their cattle?’