Chapter Four: Mr. Baker


Chapter Four: Mr. Baker

After visiting with Mr. Talker and Mr. Dressmaker, Jonathan walked over to the Country Village bakery to see Mr. Baker. Mr. Baker was always delighted to see Jonathan and gave Jonathan a chocolate éclair, which was Jonathan’s favorite afternoon snack.

“Mr. Baker,” Jonathan questioned, “Why do you bake bread?”

“I bake bread, Jonathan,” answered Mr. Baker, “Because I need to be the most popular baker in the world.”

“Thank you,” said Jonathan graciously.

Jonathan then ate his chocolate éclair while he pondered another question. Once he finished the éclair he asked another question.

“Mr. Baker,” enquired Jonathan, “How did you come up with your answer to my question?”

“Oh, that was easy,” replied Mr. Baker, “You see, Mr. Talker taught me the answer. He has been teaching everyone in Country Village how important it is to be popular. Everyone wishes to be popular now. And this has made Mr. Talker very popular indeed. He is now known as Mr. Talker, MP, which stands for ‘Most Popular’. He even wears an MP badge now. And he promised me an MP badge of my own if I keep trying to be the most popular baker in the world.”

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