Chapter Fourteen: Mr. Talker Learns to Listen


Chapter Fourteen: Mr. Talker Learns to Listen

There were four noisy knocks at Mr. Talker’s front door at his home in Country Village. When he opened his front door, four gentlemen entered and started to speak.

“Now don’t say a word!” exclaimed Mr. Dressmaker.

“No more talking, Mr. Talker!” exclaimed Mr. Baker.

“We shall do the talking now!” exclaimed Mr. Brickbuilder.

“It is time for you to learn to listen!” exclaimed Mr. Printer.

Then the four gentlemen explained their encounters with Miss Sari and Mr. Chopstick and Mr. Inuit and Mr. Storyteller, and how they should never listened to Mr. Talker’s ideas about being the most popular person in the world.

“That was the wrong answer, Mr. Talker!” exclaimed Mr. Printer, “the correct answer is the one Miss Teacher had told to Jonathan: ‘We need to better understand the world in which they live.’”

“Oh dear,” said Mr. Talker, sounding quite perturbed, “You had better let Jonathan know that I gave him the wrong answer for his Answer Collection.”

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