Chapter One: Miss Teacher


Chapter One: Miss Teacher

Jonathan Pupil collected answers to questions. He always had a lot of questions to ask people. When people gave Jonathan answers to his questions, he methodically and meticulously placed the answers in his Answer Collection.

Jonathan was known throughout Country Village for his Answer Collection.

Miss Teacher was Jonathan’s favorite teacher.

“Bonjour, Jonathan,” said Miss Teacher on this crisp and blustery autumn morning, “Do you have a question for me this morning?”

“Yes Miss Teacher,” Jonathan replied, “My question is this: Why do people need to go to school?”

Miss Teacher was always pleased when Jonathan asked questions. She often wished that Tristan and Isabella would ask more questions.

“People need to go to school,” began Miss Teacher, “Because they need to better understand the world in which they live.”

“Thank you,” said Jonathan, as he added this new answer by Miss Teacher to his Answer Collection.

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