Chapter Ten: Miss Sari


Chapter Ten: Miss Sari

Since Mr. Talker, MP had proclaimed Mr. Dressmaker as the most popular dressmaker in all of Country Village, Mr. Dressmaker now traveled to Himalayan Village where he presented some of the dresses he had designed and stitched together to Miss Sari.

“Miss Sari,” enthused Mr. Dressmaker, “I am the most popular dressmaker in Country Village and I would like you to consider wearing these wonderful dresses that I have made for you.”

“I’m very sari,” began Miss Sari, in a lovely and lilting linguistic, “But I do not wear dresses, because I wear saris.”

Mr. Dressmaker’s head drooped in disappointment.

He had not understood that ladies in Himalayan Village prefer to wear saris to his dresses.

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