Chapter Three: Mr. Talker and Mr. Dressmaker


Chapter Three: Mr. Talker and Mr. Dressmaker

Jonathan was feeling furtive and flummoxed as he walked home from school. He was bewildered and baffled with having two completely different answers to one question in his Answer Collection.

Presently, he came across Mr. Talker and Mr. Dressmaker and they all greeted one other. Then, Jonathan asked Mr. Dressmaker the same question he had asked Miss Teacher and Tristan and Isabella.

“‘Mr. Dressmaker, here is my question to you: ‘Why do people need to go to school?’”

“Here is my answer for your Answer Collection,” began Mr. Dressmaker, “People need to go to school because they need to better understand the world in which they live.”

“That is the very same answer that Miss Teacher gave to me!” exclaimed Jonathan, bubbling with buoyancy.

“Your teacher,” replied Mr. Dressmaker, “has given you the correct answer for your Answer Collection, Jonathan. You see, when I was in school, I learned to understand how people all over the world use colors and fabrics to make beautiful textiles and clothes and that is how I became a dressmaker. I became a dressmaker because I could better understand the world in which I live.”

Mr. Talker had been listening patiently to this conversation between Jonathan and Mr. Dressmaker. Now, Mr. Talker, who was not accustomed to not talking, decided it was time for him to talk.

“I would like you to know, Jonathan,” talked Mr. Talker, “That Mr. Dressmaker and Miss Teacher have given you the wrong answer to your question.”

Mr. Dressmaker looked at Mr. Talker somewhat suspiciously. He was not certain that Mr. Talker knew what he was talking about. Mr. Talker reminded Mr. Dressmaker of his friend, Mr. Milliner. Mr. Milliner made hats and sometimes, Mr. Milliner would pick up a hollow hat with the crown missing and then talk through the hat.

Jonathan was puzzled and perplexed.

“Mr. Talker,” began Jonathan, “Are you saying that Tristan and Isabella gave me the correct answer, and Miss Teacher and Mr. Dressmaker gave me the incorrect answer?”

“Yes, I am!” exclaimed Mr. Talker most emphatically and enthusiastically.

“I do not agree with your answer, Mr. Talker,” retorted Mr. Dressmaker, reticently.

“You will, you will, Mr. Dressmaker,” assured Mr. Talker, “You will agree with my answer to Jonathan’s question once I have talked to you enough. I have talked and talked and talked with Mr. Baker and Mr. Printer and Mr. Brickbuilder and they all agree with me now, that people need to go to school because they need to learn how to be the most popular people in the world’.”

Once again, there were two answers to the same question, the answer given by Mr. Dressmaker and the answer given by Mr. Talker.

Once again, history was being made in Country Village.

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