Chapter Twelve: Mr. Inuit


Chapter Twelve: Mr. Inuit

As the most popular brickbuilder in all of Country Village, Mr. Brickbuilder now traveled to Arctic Village to meet with Mr. Inuit.

“Mr. Inuit,” enthused Mr. Brickbuilder, “I am the most popular brickbuilder in Country Village…”

“Icy, icy,” replied Mr. Inuit.

“…And I would like you to consider building your homes with these rustic and resilient red bricks.”

“Icy, icy,” replied Mr. Inuit once again.

“Um… well, Mr. Inuit? Would you like these red bricks for your homes here in Arctic Village?”

“Sorry, I’m not into it. Bricks are dry and brittle, not soft and saturated. You’re a bit of a nitwit and don’t seem to get it,” began Mr. Inuit, “Can you not intuit like an Inuit? An Inuit would intuit that you cannot build with bricks that are not icy.”

“Icy?” asked Mr. Brickbuilder.

“Icy, icy – we need our bricks to be icy, you see?”

“I see, I see,” understood Mr. Brickbuilder.

“You should have tried to understand the Inuit before you came all the way here to Arctic Village.”

“I knew it! I knew it!” replied Mr. Brickbuilder.

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