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Gandhi and Tolstoy

by Purushottama Bilimoria, PhD Gandhi initially adopted a form of non-cooperation, which was echoed in the works of Tolstoy, Henry Thoreau and reinforced by his Quaker friends in South Africa. The ideas of M.K. Gandhi, or Mahatma Gandhi as he is popularly known, are all but forgotten in India; and yet Gandhi more than most in recent times struggled to advance Indian ethics beyond the …

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Samsara (Six)

She said: “Oh, so it’s a writers’ convention, then?” “That is what Miss Sunderland said when you told her about my journey to these Himalayas?” Bapuji asked. “Yes, Bapuji,” I replied. “Well she is correct. Look here, these are the yogis that wrote the Upanishads. They are all the writers. They live in those mountain caves. So Miss Sunderland was …

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Gandhi and Cows

by Purushottama Bilimoria, PhD The Gandhian spirit lives on in India, and is ably translated into civil-society or NGO-initiated intervention of mobilizing people’s voice against the excesses of state-backed and investment-brokered erosion of people’s rights in the interest of technocultural developmentalism. There are numerous other civil-society groups and movements working at the grass-roots levels that invoke traditional wisdom and practical …

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Beheadhead (Seven)

Miss Peters, Sebastian, Sebastian’s mother and I were all sitting in Miss Sunderland’s office during a recess break. The last time I was in Miss Sunderland’s office was when I had politely interrupted her elevensies to teach her about stealing words from Sanskrit, respectfully addressing her as ‘twit.’ “We can all learn from our mistakes,” Sebastian’s mother offered. “My dear …

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