Adjective Awesome

Adjective Awesome

Editor’s Note

The following video is narrated by G. Patrick Cox and refers to Adjective International’s grave concerns for the fate of adjective “awesome” which appears on their Endangered Adjective list.


About a year ago I was contacted by someone here in Oxford who was responsible for arranging teaching for some young American students from a mid-Western college who were spending a term in Oxford.

One of them had decided that she wanted to learn about Buddhism (in 6 tutorials). I gave her an appointment and explained what would be involved. Perhaps overawed by the occasion, she responded to each explanation, “Awesome.”

As I escorted her out of the building, I pointed to a door: “And here is the washroom.”

“Awesome,” she said.


Professor Richard Gombrich,

Balliol College, Oxford University

 Save the Awesome!