Chapter Nine: Mr. Tailor


Chapter Nine: Mr. Tailor

Mr. Talker, MP, was becoming more and more popular and more and more powerful and more and more persuasive and more and more pestiferous.

Today, his pestiferous and pernicious proclivity extended to Mr. Dressmaker, who was quietly stitching a yellow chartreuse dress in his dressmaking studio. Mr. Talker, MP, had asked his secretary to put up a sign in Mr. Dressmaker’s studio that read “Mr. Tailor”.

“Now let me talk Mr. Dressmaker,” Mr. Talker, MP, began, “I have proclaimed that from this point on, you shall be known as ‘Mr. Tailor’ because you are going to help to tailor-make the fantastic and famous future of our Country Village.”

Mr. Dressmaker knitted his eyebrows quizzically and popped his surprised head up from the yellow chartreuse dress he was studiously stitching. He looked at Mr. Talker, MP, with both bafflement and befuddlement.

Mr. Talker, MP, continued talking:

“I want the whole world cut from the same cloth as our beloved Country Village. We are tailor-made for being the most popular village in the world. So, go forth into all the villages in the world and explain to them how popular we are over here at Country Village. Explain that we are all cut from the same cloth.”

Mr. Dressmaker peered ponderously at his pierced pincushion with a prickly premonition.

“But, Mr. Talker, MP,” ventured Mr. Dressmaker somewhat hesitantly, “When I was a schoolboy like Jonathan, I tried to better understand the world in which I lived. I tried to understand all the fashions and the fabrics of the world. And that is why I became a dressmaker.”

“Fashions and fabrics are faddish and frivolous,” insisted Mr. Talker, MP, “What we need in the world today is to be popular and prominent, to be preferred and praised. We need to make the world from the same cloth. Because you see, Mr. Dressmaker, we in Country Village have the right answer. And it is our duty to share this right answer with the rest of the world. This is a matter of duty and honor, Mr. Dressmaker.”

“Oh, I see,” responded Mr. Dressmaker, “I think I am starting to understand now.”

“I knew you would!” exclaimed Mr. Talker, MP, somewhat relieved, “I knew that if I talked and talked you would eventually understand the important mission upon which you are embarking.”

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